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Eve Riser - Roberts

The Dream of Picasso's Cat


Hieronder vind je de reactie van de kunstenares
"I am the artist, Eve Riser-Roberts.  This picture is a combination of watercolor and collage.  It was not planned to come out as it did, but rather evolved as I went along.  It was originally to be a watercolor of the cat in the style of Picasso.  I show a canvas of a cubist painting in the background that is a picture of several koi fish.  I had intended to make a separate large painting of this canvas and then exhibit the two together.  But the cat and his dream sold before I could do that.
In case you're interested in the process, I had an old painting of some koi fish that I was not happy with.  While I was painting the picture of the cat on a chair, I must have glanced at the old painting and my mind brought the two together.  I cut out the fish, glued them in place, and tied it all together with flowing water.  I see no personal subconscious message coming through the painting.  For me it was just images combining in my mind as I happened to see them at the same time and let my mind play with how to make them into one picture."
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We zien dus dat de kat droomt van drie Japanse siervissen (Koi vissen). Er is stromend water dat hen verbindt. Op de achtergrond staat een kubistisch schilderij op de grond. Er is een tafel aanwezig De stoel heeft een poot schuin staan en er ligt een kussen op de stoel. Op  de grond ligt een vloerkleed.


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